ContactGenie Customer Support

Email support is provided 7 days a week to all ContactGenie users, regardless of whether you are a paid customer or just evaluating our software. If an initial reply is not received within 8 hours (usually much faster), please check your spam folders and ensure that your email servers are not blocking messages from the or domains. If a response is not received from any secondary follow-up message, the most likely cause is that the ContactGenie and Claxton domains are being blocked for some reason by your email server. Please check with your email administrator.
A reply is always sent to any reported ContactGenie issue.

Support issues should be submitted directly to:

Before reporting a problem

Should an error be encountered, you should ensure that you are running the latest version of the software in question. All ContactGenie products are updated as soon as any program related issue is found.

Reporting a problem

All current ContactGenie products have a comprehensive integrated error reporting system built-in which collects essential configuration and error information used for the submission and initial assessment of any reported issue. This reporting system should be used for the submission of any problems encounterred. Except in rare cases, the error reporting sub-system is presented automatically when an unexpected issue occurs and should be used to submit an issue at the time of occurance from within the respective program with all associated logs (included by default). This is the fastest way to any problem resolution.

If the reported error can be replicated from the information provided, an update correcting the problem will be made available as soon as the problem is resolved (typically within 24hrs) whether or not you are a currently registered owner. Otherwise, you will be asked to provide a copy of the custom form in use (if applicable) along with a sample of the data being used at the time the error occurred (where applicable for import related issues).

For any issues encountered where the error reporting system does not get presented and or information cannot be submitted via the applicable ContactGenie program - please provide as much information as possible which should include the following:

  1. - Outlook version
  2. - Operating system
  3. - Specific ContactGenie program name and version (from <About> screen)
  4. - All error messages encountered in their entirety.