ContactGenie Export Overview

Exporting at a glance

Display/export Outlook field names using one of 9 languages

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Feature Description QuickPort DataPort
Export all PST/Exch contact folders
Export Global Address List Users & Contacts
Export Global Distribution Group members
Custom Form/standard form user-defined field support
Select (or ignore) message class to be exported
Multi-lingual support for mapping Outlook <DisplayAs> or use internal Outlook names
Export street address lines as separate fields (max 4 lines)
Export fields > 255 characters
Export SMTP email addresses for all contacts (including MS Exchange)
Strip FAX prefixes (used to hide Fax numbers in address book) on export
Export standardized Company Names
Export standardized <FullName>, <FileAs> and <Email#DisplayAs> fields
User-definable field output sequence
Custom output field names
Filter contact records X
Save "field map" for repeated template use (Last import & export only for QuickPort - unlimited for DataPort)
Run in un-attended command-line mode
CSV, Tab, Custom Delim, MS Access (2000-2016), MS Excel (2000-2016) support